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Vertical Wall

We create your personalized green space in the home or office. Vertical green walls look amazing and add to the beauty quotient.

What is a Vertical Wall and how do we create it?

Vertical wall creation involves a vertical plantation model where we use any of your given wall and attract a vertical planter with it. This is a mesh-like structure adjacent to the wall. It is used to ensure that the plants stay steady on the wall. Over that mesh we plant flowers or grow arbors of various breeds. In some cases we fix flower pots on the planter. These can be of different shapes and sizes. The best thing about the vertical wall is the option to select the flowers of your choice. As a result they bring new life to the atmosphere and result in happiness.
Many people prefer to grow a mix of green and colourful plants. Depending on your taste and preference we create a beautiful wall for you.

Area of Application

  • Corporate Offices
  • Homes
  • Farmhouses
  • Banquet Halls