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Dense Forest

Forests are the only way to protect the environment. Many companies are engaged in plantation activities. We use Miyawaki techniques to grow natural forests and restore them.

Importance of Forests

Every single day we as humans are cutting millions of trees every day. All this in the name of development. The most prominent use is for developing new cities for us humans. Commercial use including paper industry and coal industry and many others also contribute. In addition there are many personal reasons and excuses. But one thing is clear that we cannot survive without trees. As a result many corporations are coming forward to establish new forests. The process takes some time but for sure it is a positive contribution towards the environment.

How we do it

We use Miyawaki techniques to grow forests. Akira Miyawaki, a famous Japanese botanist in 1980 developed some amazing methods to build forests. This includes multiple layers of forests including, shrubs, trees, canopies on small plots of land and turning them into forests. We can grow small to large forests depending on the land available.